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The core component of Loftus Park will be its P-grade office space, totalling 15 780m2 in phase one. Businesses will have the benefit of superior access via the Gautrain bus stop and the new Tshwane Rapid Transport line, making the commute in and out of the precinct quick and easy. State of the art technology secures the precinct and the smart Loftus Park App keeps precinct users connected, informed and even assists with ticketless parking. The precinct will be accredited as a Green Star Building with features including grey water harvesting, back-up generators and 48-hour emergency water supply.

    • Loftus Park

    • Loftus Park

    TOTAL OFFICE AREA OF LOFTUS PARK – PHASE 1 (Space from 150 to 15000m²)
    Building Total Building (m²) Parking at a ratio of 4 bays / 100 m²
    Block C 10,000 m² 400 bays
    Block E 5,780 m² 231 bays
    TOTAL 15,780 m² 631 bays